Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements. Steam Trading Cards. Partial Controller Support. Steam Cloud.
Tags: RPG.
System: Windows.
5.9 days
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Hands down one of the best games I've ever played. The story is incredible, and the difficulty settings don't treat me like I'm 5, like many other games where normal means easy. It's also adjustable through the gameplay. If you're into old school jrpgs, t
3.5 days
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遊玩方式比較特殊 看人是否接受 我感覺比槍彈更為緊迫 (難度3) (可以調整) 冒險 益智 素材收集 製作武器 故事收尾還滿不錯
3.4 days
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TLDR: A game with a strong gimmick, great story, decent dungeon crawling. Worth a play. After playing through a few chapters a couple of years ago, I decided to revisit this game. A dark game of death and sin, this visual novel dungeon crawler has eno
2.4 days
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Most dogshit ever fucking controls and gameplay. Solely because of the control and POV this game is fucking hard for no fking reason, not to mention the difficulty they "recommend" is comparable to a tower defense with the amount of FUCKING enemy it spawn
2.2 days
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Sachika will hold it
1.6 days
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1.5 days
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EDIT: While everything below still applies the 2 main genres (horror-survival and VN) clash towards the end, fighting and crafting and upgrading and fighting wore me out. The story remains interesting but even that has lost the things I found interesting
1.4 days
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打到第七章决定云完最后两章剧情了 世界观、人设、剧情和叙事7.5分,如果对得上电波甚至能给8、9分 迷宫设计在水准以上吧,资源管理系统也挺有深度,一步步改造基地艰苦的生活环境,当
1.4 days
1.3 days
1.3 days
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「殘機為零」是一款迷宮探索型的 RPG,一邊在迷宮裡找到打開門扉的方法,一邊應付冷不防跳出來的畸形敵人。標題的「殘機」兩字本指古老遊戲中玩家的剩餘生命,或者說尚能挑戰的次數,
22 hours
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짐승이 세더라..
14 hours
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Its interesting! [spoiler] The "die to get resistant" mechanic and the constant death due to old age of your members makes the game quite strategic.[/spoiler] You will not be able to play this the usual way. Just be warned, that the game ui is heavily con
12 hours
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10 hours
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played twice, dropped twice. The concept is uniquely good, but they watered down the gameplay so much that even though the plot is good I couldnt enjoy it till the end. What a shame
10 hours
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Really interesting story that I'd like to see through to the end but the gameplay got so monotonous that I didn't even feel like starting the 3rd chapter. 3/10
9 hours
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for $60? absolutely not. This hardly qualifies as a dungeon crawler. It's only borrowing some dungeon crawler-like mechanics but the rest is filled with fluff to make it appear like it's more than what it really is. You have some typical tropes of japane
6 hours
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The game is very much a traditional dungeon crawler with a beautiful veneer of Anime. Here's the thing, I don't like being depressed. Watch a few youtube videos to get a feel for the story. If I did that first, I probably wouldn't have bought this. I g
4 hours
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Incredibly clunky systems. Need to switch between a half-dozen different menus to get all the info you need for any action. Just frustrating to play.
3 hours
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I was intrigued by the story but hated everything about the gameplay so I watched the full story on youtube. Can't recommend the game.
1 hours
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[h1]缺点[/h1] 1.13600kf和6750xt的配置玩这游戏, 3秒1小卡, 10秒1大卡, 完全玩不了