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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements. Full controller support. Steam Cloud.
Tags: Action. Indie.
System: Windows.
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Zenodeath is the final game in the Zeno series and the developer's experience shows. High quality indie shmups like this are a real delight! The game includes shmup sections and top down run 'n' gun sections. The game is much longer than average as a res
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My favorite STG's that no one knows about. Amazing mix of shmup alternating with run n' gun. The run n' gun sections play like a mix of Fixeight and Contra III (top down). Total play through clocks in @ 1 hr but never outstays its welcome. Normal and
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The last game in the Zeno SHMUP trilogy from Team Grybanser Fox, and one that puts a twist on what may have been expected based on their previous works. Zenodeath changes things up by having traditional SHMUP stages followed by ground/runner stages simil
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Really cool shmup, probably the best in the Zeno series for sure! I also was pleasantly surprised about the top down ground sections, those were really fun. It should get it's own game. It took a minute to get used to the controls on those but no big dea
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Outstanding shoot 'em up 10/10
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Tough shmup with run n gun sections that remind me of thunder force II a tad bit. Lovely game to follow up Super XYX
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From the little I've played I can safely say this is the most enjoyable entry on the Zeno series, sure the art direction has never been Grybanser's forte outside of Super XYX, but the visibility issues from the previous entries are almost completely gone,
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I can't say the game is bad, but there are so many better shooters that go on sale, I can't recommend this unless someone wants another mediocre shooter that offers nothing innovative or interesting and gets tedious quickly. At least it was just $5+ tax