Zarya and the Cursed Skull

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Players: Single-player. Full controller support. Steam Cloud.
Tags: Action. Adventure. Indie.
System: Windows.
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En este juego solo hay waifus, fuckboys y viejos turbios. El donerball 10/10
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Un excelente juego, con una historia bastante interesante y que atrapa, los gráficos no son nada destacables, pero sus escenarios y el ambiente que los rodea son algo memorable, tal vez el sistema de combate no es lo mejor, y los puzzles son un poco simp
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インゲームにVer.表示がないため、クリアVer.は不明。初回クリア所要時間は約7時間。ファイルサイズは約6GB。 [h1]Pros:[/h1][list] [*]簡単なパズルを内包したダンジョン[/list] [h1]Cons:[/h1][list] [*]
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[h1]The story (No Spoilers)[/h1] Zarya and her best friend Abbie are spending their summer vacation in Paris with Zarya’s grandfather. When he takes her back to the village where she was born, the teen begins to notice that strange things are happening
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Ce jeu est vraiment sympa. Les points positifs : - les graphismes (très colorés) - les éléments de légendes, mythes et ésotérisme (pour ceux qui s'y intéressent) - les puzzles (quoique un peu simples à mon goût) - le prix Les points négatifs
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I had high hopes for this game. I knew from the start that the graphics were not great but I was willing to look past it. The game seemed really cool. First issue that I had was the controlls are backwards you use the arrows to move instead of WASD and th