Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Players: Full controller support. Native Steam Controller Support. Captions available.
Tags: Episodic.
System: Video.
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Love the show, great buy BUTTT if you were traveling it would be good if you could just download them to your laptop or something. It kinds of feels like we are renting rather then buying... Which is a shame... probably what would stop me from buying fut
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Childhood memories I love Gx it was one of my favorite series back in the days when i was a kid Fun to watch agian 12 years later 10/10 :D
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this show was a complete master piece i would spend more money on it if i could especially in the english dub, which you get if you buy this. i highly reccomend getting atleast 10 episodes of yu-gi-oh GX you'll always have a stupid grin on your face when
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This show saved my life. I am 31. My ex-wife and I have a daughter together, and adopted our son together. They are now both 4 years old. When we were going through our separation, I found myself lost and miserable. I was self destructive. I got so mad