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Zia and the goddesses of magic

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Players: Single-player. Partial Controller Support.
Tags: Adventure. Indie. RPG.
System: Windows.
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This is ok game but you forget it very soon. There is nothing exciting and graphics are just ok. If I could give neutral I would but because it is not bad I still give it thumb up.
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No es un mal juego pero tampoco bueno. Una historia simplona que te deja frío pero pasable, si no estuviera en español o hubiera mas variedad de RPGs en mi idioma en Steam no lo habría jugado. El sistema de combate es interesante, aunque puede resultar
7 hours
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Ce n'est clairement pas le jeu du siècle mais je l'ai bien aimé. Les contrôles avec la manette 360 sont assez bizarres, faut bien tester au départ. La musique est mignonne, la DA même si elle est assez générique est jolie, j'aime beaucoup les por
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เนื้อเรื่อง ห่วย เนื้อเรื่องผจญภัยเก็บหนังสือเวทย์มนต์ เท่านั้นจบ ไม่มีเนื้อเรื่องเสริม
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玩了半小时,不停的剧情对话 觉得其实质量还可以 存档后退出 再进时不小心点了重新开始,也没保存就退了 再读挡发现前面的存档没了?? 游戏里有个非常大问题,竟然不能用键盘移动!!
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[h1]Follow our [url=]Curator Group for more reviews[/url][/h1] Zia and the Goddesses of Magic is more RPGMaker shovelware. Possibly one of the worst I've played. The gameplay has a unique concept in which y
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есть русификатор для этой игры? очень хочу поиграть но не понимаю о чём речь. даёшь русский язык!
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After enduring a bunch of splash screens and a long winded, rather poorly written introduction, none of which you can skip or at least speed up, the game left me unable to move my character. I then suffered through the intro a second time to see if it ma
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Have to really say; Waaaaaaaay to much reading in the start where one dont controll anything: and on top of that add a super laggy/clunky interface whgere one wonder if one even know the buttons as nothing happens most of the time one push them. = No wa