Zen of Sudoku

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Players: Single-player.
Tags: Casual. Indie.
System: Windows.
88.8 days
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cool game i guess
15.3 days
2.9 days
Lovely and relaxing version of sudoku.
3.8 days
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Manca tabella scelta numeri e numeri ancora da inserire. Manca eliminazione automatica numeri aiuto inseriti.
2.5 days
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4 of 5 The option to print a page of 4 puzzles at a time is marvelous. The faux-Asian numerals are annoying af.
1.7 days
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Excellent game with lots of nice features. And best of all it's absolutely free. If they made a Hex-Sudoku game with all the same menu options I would gladly buy it.
21 hours
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Sudoku Love!
14 hours
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Fantastic sudoku game, easy mouse and click interface, no ads, trophies for different challenges, and has plenty of options to make it as easy or as hard as you want. Only minor flaws I've seen so far is not having resolution options, so if you have a bi
13 hours
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Very good.
9 hours
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The game's age shows in the graphics but it's very nice, relaxing and lightweight in addition to being free. The varied difficulty levels are also great. Works without issues on Windows 10 and Linux (via Proton).
4 hours
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Good UI and sound design.
3 hours
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Eine Sudoku-Implementation (tatsächlich). [b]Eindrücke[/b] Sudoku ist ja allseits bekannt und man kann es quasi an jeder Ecke spielen. Das Programm hier ist wohl in etwa Mittelfeld. Daher ist es gerechtfertigt, dass es mittlerweile kostenlos ist. Die
3 hours
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perfect if support linux
2 hours
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As advertised, this Sudoku game is relaxing. I like that the game can get harder by changing a few options. Very nice, visually appealing game.
1 hours
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Originally a $4.99 game that went Free. Just a nice little Sudoku game. -[url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/43914013-Free-Game-Amasser/]Free Game Amasser[/url]
1 hours
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Because this was a once paid-for title (which is when i got my copy) which the developers have since released for free, you have a polished offering free from the typical nonsense found in many free to play titles. I still prefer pen-and-paper, but if you
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Truly the most innovative gameplay beating most triple A franchises with incredible graphics to boot. 4.7/5 ★ - Me, the god of gaming
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数独 优点:免费,可自定义 缺点:画质差,没有创新
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I feel smarter now, defo recommend 10/10
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