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Zombies on a Plane - Santa

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Players: Single-player. Downloadable Content. Steam Achievements. Steam Trading Cards. VR Support. Partial Controller Support. Steam Cloud. Steam Leaderboards.
Tags: Action. Indie.
System: Windows. Mac.
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only good character in the game
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Porquê Papai Noel necessita voar em um avião, se ele mesmo possui um trenó? Será que Rudolph foi zumbificado? Não sei, mas a ideia de colocá-lo em um avião infestado de zumbis foi absurda. Apesar dos riscos, Noel obtém um status relativamente mel
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As much as I didn't enjoy the game, I can at least give this DLC a thumbs up for embracing the ridiculousness of the game. Pretty much as it says on the tin: this is Santa as a playable character. Santa's coming to town, and he's tired of these motherfuck
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[h1]DLC-Review: "Zombies on a Plane - Santa"[/h1] Was macht der Weihnachtsmann eigentlich, wenn nicht gerade durch den Schornstein schlüpft und Geschenke verteilt? Seine Rentiere züchtigen? Falsch. Er fliegt mit einem Flugzeug und nietet Zombies um.
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Santa would be ashamed to see himself that ugly. The images are true, he does look like that in the game. And the old man is SO STRONG. Just check the stats... This guys has superhuman overpowers! That's what I call nice Pay to Win scheme. Nope, sorr