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138 reviews
Players: Single-player. Multi-player. Co-op. Cross-Platform Multiplayer. Steam Achievements.
Tags: Action. Indie. RPG.
System: Windows. Mac. Linux.
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7.8 days
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it is a fun game to an extent but there are so many bugs, and now it stalls on me all the time and I know it is not going to be fixed. I changed it to positive, there are ways to get around the bugs, still annoying though. I changed it back to negative t
4.8 days
3.8 days
1. Rozpocznij grę 2. Wbij 3 poziom 3. Twój klan zostaje zaatakowany przez 4 wrogów powyżej 8 poziomu 4. Nie bądź w stanie zabić żadnego z nich Edit: Low stress - opcja must have na początek aby nauczyć się mechanik gry Priorytet zadań - Nie w
4.8 days
0 recent
What a unespected awesome and nice game, i loved Dins curse, and drox operative, now zombasite is my favorite! This game is very fun to play, and you easily modify the game files to make the game more easy or harder! Nice touch! I approve this game!
4.5 days
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4.5 days
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While this has lots of good ideas and fun mechanics, its just too unpolished and clunky to enjoy. More is not always better. A similar game with more in-depth focus on less stuff (maybe a town management mechanic instead of just a herd of idiots in a pen,
2.5 days
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Excellent co-op game, 60+ hours and still going.
2.3 days
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미지의 영역을 탐구하고 온 선발대입니다. 본론부터 말하면 할인해서 dlc까지 8000원 정도에 샀지만 부디 이 게임의 할인율이 몇이든 그냥 다른 게임 하러가세요 무료여도 시간 낭비입니다. 그
1.8 days
0 recent
Wish I played this sooner. A complex Diablo-like aRPG with followers, 4X-style systems, Roguelike traditions, and a living world that is constantly evolving. Zombasite took a little time to adjust to as it is certainly a game of dozens of spinning plate
1.8 days
11 recent
the thing i like about it is it's playable offline. two of the traits work like 2 of the abilities in POE, mana shield which work like mind over matter, except that all damage taken come from mana before life, and pain delay turns all damage taken into da
1.3 days
0 recent
I've tried to like this game. I honestly have. It's got great classes, an interesting hybrid class that lets you combine any two subclasses, and the gameplay is like Diablo with factions. And for a while, it's fun. But after a few hours, the game decides
1.2 days
0 recent
Soldak games are always hard to review. I respect indie devs who try to progress their genre. Making a 4x style ARPG with a dynamic world is a fun idea. I do like how fast pace the game is. You have many classes to choose from and can even do dual cla
24 hours
0 recent
Man I always love the idea of Soldak games more than the execution. Zombasite is a living world ARPG that has different factions you can ally with and quests that will progress and escalate if you don't act on them fast enough. However it ends up just fee
19 hours
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13 hours
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Great Arpg. If you fimiliar with Soldek's other games (depth of peril,Dins Curse) Similar format. Very customizable and randomly generated . Allows for multiple play-thru's and multi-player. Sadly in multi-player you cant be in the same clan.
12 hours
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Please, don't play this game. Don't cause yourself such harm. This game is a strange and punishing mess, a waste of a complex dynamic world that the player cannot meaningfully influence due to the sheer hurdle that is learning its systems. The ingame tuto
11 hours
0 recent
Когда-то давным давно в эпоху Diablo и Sacred на прилавки попала Depths of Peril. И в целом это был бы ничем не примечательный клон, если бы не одно но. В иг
10 hours
0 recent
At first, I thought this was just another cheaply made indie game, but to my surprise, the developer behind this game has been working on his own games since 2004. The game also hooked me with its dynamic world and procedural generation. How every creatur
5 hours
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Weird game. But, fun. Kind of like Diablo but, you get your own town and diplomacy. Great!
1 hours
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I am very disappointed in the game design. The dev ripped off his own game. Zombasite should have been a dlc for one of his previous games. Not a game on its own. There is nothing new in this game. Luckilily, I just pay a few bucks for it while it was o
0 hours
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Es gibt so viel besseres zum zocken als das hier. Schon alleine das lieblose sterile Menu zum start. Die Animation der Pfeile ist ein Witz und dann noch die ganzen Grafik bugs. Das soll von 2016 sein? Und soll 19,99$ kosten? Ich will mein Geld zurück. Da