Zafehouse: Diaries

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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements. Stats.
Tags: Indie. RPG. Simulation. Strategy.
System: Windows.
Zafehouse: Diaries - $1.3

2.7 days
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A very challenging game and atmospheric despite the simple interface. The music of the game draws you in as you try and keep your fragmented group cooperating as you all work together to escape the city before it's too late. The base game with its charact
2.3 days
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This budget indie game kept me playing for 56.5 hours. It's a great concept, a really nicely made game. It has unique automatic mechanics which really makes the characters and world feel alive, but it's a difficult game also if you play on hard for exampl
2 days
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I'd say I'm actually right on the fence as to whether I'd recommend this game. It really can go either way, but I'm giving it a slight edge. I played Zafehouse: Diaries after playing Rebuild 1 & 2, so I have some feel for games like this--scout around,
1.8 days
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Played this game a lot when it first came out and in the early build it was just the hardest scenario. Not surprised it has a mixed reaction, as it's a difficult game. Right from the start I love the look with the hand drawn notepad map and Polaroid pictu
1.2 days
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good way to pass time
21 hours
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Overall this is very decent if your looking for a fastpaced zombie killing game this is not it so Zafehouse Diaries is a turn based srtatagy game hour from hour you give your survivors tasks to do these tasks can go very fast if your survivor likes the pp
17 hours
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I got this game quite a long time ago, its definitely hard I tell you that. But once you know the strategy and all that, it is quite a good decision making game. One small mistake and it's game over. But nonetheless I still like it. 3/5
17 hours
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Jogo hardcore, não é qualquer um que vai curtir.
15 hours
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this game is a oldschool masterpiece, a very thoughtfull and tactical game
14 hours
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This game is a great experience if you like survival, management, and zombie themed games in general. There's more than enough content here to warrant the low cost or getting it in a bundle if any of those types of games interest you.
13 hours
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Its alright but incredibly hard
11 hours
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krankes game. also ich hab das schon mindestens 1000 mal auf der schwierigsten stufe durchgespielt jaja!!!1
11 hours
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As far as cheap indie games and as timewasters go, this one is decent. It's hard because it's made to be hard. I'd give it a try, especially since this game is cheaper than other good timewaster games.
9 hours
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1. too simple, 2. some mechanics are just silly (you can't assign supplies / tools / weapons to a character), 3. the chemistry within group is laughable ("Courtney threw lamp at John and broke his leg", they are at each other throats because no one wanted
7 hours
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it is a good game
5 hours
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Eigentlich dachte ich dieses Spiel kann ne Menge Spaß machen. Die erste Stunde im Spiel war auch ganz gut. Doch im zunehmenden Spielverlauf muss man leider feststellen, dass man immer mit Idioten versucht in der Apokalypse zu überleben. Nach einigen Stu
3 hours
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Clunky, arduous, don't love the interface and it takes a lot of clicking around to play the game. It somehow manages to give you too many choices and too few choices that matter.
1 hours
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The screen is too small to play. This game doesn't support full screen mode nor screen size adjustment somehow. Online manual told me nothing about it, and tech support never answer.
0 hours
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Die Mixed Reviews sind übertrieben. Ziemlich schlechtes Spiel, unfassbar viel RNG, kaum Erklärungen, kein Spielspaß. Schade.
0 hours
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