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811 reviews
Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements. Steam Trading Cards. Partial Controller Support. Steam Cloud.
Tags: Action. Adventure. Indie.
System: Windows.
17 hours
5 recent
This game got me ZORTCHING all over the place you gotta play it!
16 hours
16 recent
Quite a fun retro FPS. Fast-Paced and bizarre, definitely worth the 5 bucks
13 hours
0 recent
So many unique bad guys, never boring, better than Doom... 6 of 5 must play. 5 of 5 great story great game-play. 4 of 5 great story average game-play. 3 of 5 average story great game-play. 2 of 5 play if it's your favourite genre. 1 of 5 play if you hav
12 hours
9 recent
rip and zortch
11 hours
6 recent
Best $5 I have ever spent.
10 hours
0 recent
Wonderful game! A bold claim, but I think it's even my favourite Boomer Shooter out there. It's got the same clunky charme a game like Quake had, except with actually fun level design, funky physics, cool weapons and (most importantly) dinosaurs! It's r
10 hours
0 recent
A very enjoyable game. i hope there will be more!
10 hours
2 recent
Really fun old-school shooter. Reminds me of quake 2 visually, but the gameplay is not really that quake like. Enemies relocate a lot and have varied attacks and attack patterns. There is a lot of verticality to the levels and there are sometimes multiple
9 hours
0 recent
A breath of fresh air in a sea of super serious, GZDoom boomer shooters. I don't really know what to say to convince you to pick this up; I knew I was buying it from the instant I read the description. Maybe the best five bucks I spent in all of 2023.
8 hours
8 recent
Очень хорошо, отработал на все деньги, кайфанул жоско
8 hours
8 recent
fun and bitesized. Can't recommend it enough. Part of me wishes there was like a level editor but that's asking alot
7 hours
0 recent
No puedo creer que me costó menos que una docena de faturas
6 hours
1 recent
This game is adorable
6 hours
0 recent
brains tryed to eat my Aliens :[
6 hours
0 recent
One of the better boomer/retro/old-school i have played. Absolutely love the feeling of movement here.
4 hours
2 recent
Great level design, enemy AI, weapons, interactivity. In a market flooded with boring run of the mill boomer shooters, Zortch feels fresh and engaging. The only real problem i have with the game is the soundtrack, firmly put into "Sewer Music" Genre. Als
3 hours
0 recent
A boomerang wrench as a melee weapon.....this pleases me.
2 hours
0 recent
0 hours
0 recent
Zortch: Good. This is where I'd put a lot of stupid words to tell you this game is good. I'll skip to the point. It's good. I hit terminal velocity with kick jumps. It costs five bucks.
0 hours
0 recent
dan fuckin HATES vs dont even bring it up