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Players: Single-player. Multi-player. PvP. Local Multi-Player. Co-op. Local Co-op. Shared/Split Screen. Partial Controller Support. Remote Play Together.
Tags: Action. Indie. Early Access.
System: Windows.
22 hours
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I played Zombiepede from the beginning during its development and I'm thrilled with how it has evolved. Initially, there was only one level, which was more or less the main game mode, and I've already spent many hours playing only this. With the addition
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I've been playing Zombiepede in the alpha version for a while now, and it's quite addictive. The beginning was a bit complicated for me, but after playing the first level following the tutorial, I slowly grasped the concept. It might seem a bit dull at fi
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Lets talk about Zombiepede. On the first start I kinda got thrown back into the early stages of video games. I had to figure stuff out on my own and the menu was spartanic. There are not much animations and it looks like a very old game at first. But I t
18 hours
First of all: I love Zombiepede. I have to admit that I only played it once with a mouse and keyboard, and it was more a frustrating experience after playing it always with controllers. However, playing it with controllers and friends makes it incredibly