Zombie Maze

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Players: Single-player.
Tags: Casual. Indie.
System: Windows.
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Zombie Maze is another asset flip/shovelware game from Quarlellle. This time they've taken a basic Unreal 2D top down shooter template and put it into a maze. What innovation. This is the kind of game that puts forward a solid argument for Valve introd
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I thk it's game shold be "for free", NO MONEY! It's shit, full shit. It's all, what I want say
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This game, is amazing, magnificent, words cannot describe the sheer beauty and groundbreaking gameplay. You start off as a little boy, with a gun, soulless, being chased by raging flesh craving zombies in a labyrinth of despair. You gotta find your way ou
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Took me 9 minutes to be the game, here is my review. Music is too loud, zombies blend in with the white floor, no blood, no WASD just hold W and point the mouse where you want to run (which is dumb meaning you can't fight the zombies while moving unless y
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Let's just say.. you get what you pay for.. lol