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Zen: A Gay Sequel

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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements.
Tags: Casual. Simulation.
System: Windows. Mac. Linux.
7.3 days
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I love this game! I downloaded the 1st game ( its free no reason not to) and it sat on my PC for awhile. I finally got around to trying it and it was great. It had such great story lines and lovable characters. I immediately looked to see if there was mor
2.9 days
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It's a screen by screen based sort of choose your own adventure of US college for a gay (or possibly bi) man. The graphics, though unanimated, are of a beautiful style and the gameplay is fairly realistic and rather deep as your character and the others
1.8 days
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I have to say that I was dying with anticipation for this sequel to YAGS, and I was not disappointed. There is definitely more to the gameplay in this game, there’s a schedule, and mini games (which were easy enough) that you could also play later for f
17 hours
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O jogo é maravilhoso. Eu já conhecia o jogo anterior, o qual joguei pelo Android, e vale a pena investir na continuação. A única coisa que eu esperaria é que na versão paga nós tivéssemos uma diversidade maior de possibilidades de romances. Algun
11 hours
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Fun and addictive
9 hours
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it is not working and they will not fix it.
9 hours
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If you are going to play this game, go play Yearning: A Gay Story. YAGS will introduce you to most of the characters in this game. Also, it will setup the style of the game (game play is a little different). There are a few new things in this game like th
7 hours
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Such a great game... or gay-me! It touches on topics that are very real but in a (mostly) non-triggering way and allows you the option of looking at situations from different perspectives. The LGBT community have man "universal experiences" that actually
6 hours
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I see that most people got this games from io.itch so there's not much on steam so I decided to write a review here. Gameplay Personally, I love the scheduler mechanic very much, some people who like the original style of VN might not want this distract
5 hours
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I was open to seeing what the game was about as other reviews were positive. It is an exceedingly slow game with lots of content that doesn't move the story along - totally unnecessary! Why is food selections, board game play, conversations about what to
4 hours
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bobcgames has already spoilered us with how massive YAGS is, and ZAGS doesn't disappoint in that department either. The addition of the scheduler gameplay really fits how Carlos is trying to gain more control of his life than when we saw him in YAGS and i
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where are the route guides? i can't find any
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Frankly the first thing made me frustrated is The whole Yearning stayed unfinished . The only characters I remotely liked are Adam and James a bit . But it is impossible to have any romance interaction with adam other than some glimpse and teases and well