Zen: A Gay Sequel

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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements.
Tags: Casual. Simulation.
System: Windows. Mac. Linux.
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I love this game! I downloaded the 1st game ( its free no reason not to) and it sat on my PC for awhile. I finally got around to trying it and it was great. It had such great story lines and lovable characters. I immediately looked to see if there was mor
1.8 days
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I have to say that I was dying with anticipation for this sequel to YAGS, and I was not disappointed. There is definitely more to the gameplay in this game, there’s a schedule, and mini games (which were easy enough) that you could also play later for f
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O jogo é maravilhoso. Eu já conhecia o jogo anterior, o qual joguei pelo Android, e vale a pena investir na continuação. A única coisa que eu esperaria é que na versão paga nós tivéssemos uma diversidade maior de possibilidades de romances. Algun
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Fun and addictive
9 hours
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it is not working and they will not fix it.
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If you are going to play this game, go play Yearning: A Gay Story. YAGS will introduce you to most of the characters in this game. Also, it will setup the style of the game (game play is a little different). There are a few new things in this game like th
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I see that most people got this games from io.itch so there's not much on steam so I decided to write a review here. Gameplay Personally, I love the scheduler mechanic very much, some people who like the original style of VN might not want this distract
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I was open to seeing what the game was about as other reviews were positive. It is an exceedingly slow game with lots of content that doesn't move the story along - totally unnecessary! Why is food selections, board game play, conversations about what to
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Frankly the first thing made me frustrated is The whole Yearning stayed unfinished . The only characters I remotely liked are Adam and James a bit . But it is impossible to have any romance interaction with adam other than some glimpse and teases and well