Zombo Buster Advance

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Players: Single-player. Steam Achievements. Steam Cloud.
Tags: Indie. Strategy.
System: Windows. Mac.
Zombo Buster Advance
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Красочная, разнообразная (в плане врагов, юнитов, способностей) и затягивающая игра.
1.6 days
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Leistung > Preis Wer auf TD Spiele und 2D steht macht hiermit sicher einen tollen Griff! :)
1.2 days
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Sehr unterhaltsam und total ohne Stress.
19 hours
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17 hours
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Awesome! Nothing special here, except for the elevator mechanics (which is great). It's just a well-made TD. VERY well-made. So good, that you rarely see these days. You have the gameplay and there is nothing wrong with it. Upgrades are perfectly balanced
15 hours
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nice game
14 hours
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Eh, this one, it was a-okay, it's A "Switch your platform around to clear a zone kind of td game" So you basically always start slow, unless you use extra energy, you need some planning on what (units-aka towers) to place, and which (Floor - aka path) to
13 hours
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Si te gusta este estilo de juego es buenisimo! excelente para pasar el rato.
11 hours
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A pretty decent turn your brain off type of game. there is quite a bit of grind involved and so I'd say it's good for a quick play every now and again. [b]6.4/10[/b]
10 hours
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It's a dumb, simple waste of time. I wish there was a 2x button because it gets a bit grindy at times... but otherwise this is the kind of mindless easy-shooter/tower defense game I need at the end of a hard day. Certainly not an every-day game, but I'm
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한글화는 번역기 돌린 수준인데, 이해 및 진행에는 전혀 지장 없습니다. 한 판 한 판이 짧은 편에 속하고 꽤 박진감 있게 진행됩니다 이리저리 퍽과 아이템을 장착하는 맛이 있네요
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10 hours
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Люблю игры в подобном жанре и эта, на мой вкус - отличный представитель. В меру сложная, неплохая система прокачки. В каждой новой главе встр
9 hours
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Just good clean fun challenging at times but nothing frustrating, i got it cheap so i can't complain get it play it for a couple hours you'll have fun
8 hours
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The game is not bad. There are several minuses. It is quite slow at times and also repetitive. Achievements require a lot of playing. But the biggest minus is that many things are quite useless in the game. But the game is still fun and cheap.
6 hours
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problem is no speed up button was fun for the first 2hrs now feels too repetitive gave it a pass because of the price can't ask too much 7/10
2 hours
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Gra bardzo mi się podoba tylko mam prblem z coinami ponieważ gdy wygrywam gierke to wogłule nie dostaje coinów i jak je wydałem to suma zosatała taka sama. Lekki bug.
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It's too basic and slow to be much fun. If it wasn't grindy that would probably cure it. However as it is you have to play the same level a few times. The trouble is there isn't enough going on to make you want to play the same level. For a couple bucks
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is quite good different from the first one but i like that :)