Zone 10

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Players: Single-player.
Tags: Action. Indie. Strategy. Early Access.
System: Windows.
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Great game. I like the fusion between Puzzle/RTS/Tower defense.
1.4 days
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Great game. Awesome twist to the tower defense games. I would strongly recommend if you love tower defense and puzzle games since this blends them together really well. Great game to spend hours trying to find the perfect strategy for your base. Oh and th
1.2 days
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It's a good challenge and it keeps me coming back for more.
16 hours
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Excellent blend of tower defense and top-down shooter. Each round gets harder with unique enemies that keep you on your toes, requiring you to constantly change your strategy to deal with the different enemies. Fun game with a good amount of replay abilit
11 hours
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This is a great take on the tower defense scene. Each stage is well paced, fun, and challenging. The added elements of designing the maze and collecting resources offer new gameplay mechanics that elevate this game above other tower defense games. I have
8 hours
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This is a really fun Tower Defense Game. I like the building mechanics and how the enemy ships can blow up your turrets. I'd like the stats to be a little clearer and maybe have a health bar over your turrets. Fun game.
5 hours
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[h1] Finally a good Fuckin take [/h1] This game has some cool and weird things going on with it. Get this, it's a tower defense game right? However, the way of placing the turrets, and planning the pathing of the enemies is under your complete control. Th
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2 hours
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Это отличный взгляд на сцену защиты башни. Каждый этап проходит в хорошем темпе, весело и интересно. Добавленные элементы дизайна лабиринт
1 hours
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Updating my review to actually talk about the game: its fun and has quite a bit of depths to it. It has tower defense elements, mining/crafting systems are simple and fun, you can get out of your ship and kill enemies on the ground running around, lots o
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This is a pretty cool Tower Defense game! I'm not really a "technical-minded" person like the ones who seem to enjoy this genre, but after a little trial and error I managed to figure out how everything works and came up with some good strategies while al
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Zone 10 is a 2D retro pixel hybrid of top down "SpaceWar!" themed shooter and classic tower defense game that's been slapped together with the godawful GameMaker Studio video game construction kit from Yoyogames. The concept is unique and clever. It's
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не зона 51 пизже
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3/10 medic bags (better then a cloaker)
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[h1]Before I played Zone 10, I had a small pp, no friends, no gf, depression, and no life. These things havent changed, but the game is pretty good[/h1]