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Zakk Hazard The Deadly Spawn

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Players: Single-player.
Tags: Action. Adventure. Casual. Indie.
System: Windows.
21 hours
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i really enjoyed this game it took me back to the 90s reminds me of monster bash, commander keen , duke nukem 2 and much more. if you looking for the next revolutionary platformer you wont find it here but if you are looking for a game that you can play a
3 hours
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This game is definitely worth the $1, it takes a little bit to figure out the goals but besides that the game runs really smoothly.
2 hours
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Good game that runs smoothly and has so far provided a good amount of entertainment. Installation was quick and flawless and gameplay was excellent.
0 hours
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this is a really good fun platform shooter runs really smooth. plug in mouse if your using a laptop works better than a track pad for aiming
0 hours
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A fun side scrolling shooter with minimal bugs. I found the first few levels didn't take too long, and the overall game play was fun. I had few issues with the overall pacing of the game. It feels a lot like Risk of Rain 1 met an early puzzle game. As som
0 hours
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Eeeh...this reviewing malarkey is a tricky business. Zakk Hazard is a side scrolling shooter that commits (for me at least) a grievous sin right off the bat. It's 2019 and I thought (perhaps mistakenly?) that it was accepted in this day and age that some
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糟糕的跳跃手感 默认平台运动的常见Bug 几乎没有反馈的UI 以及某些界面不能退出会卡死的Bug 距离作为一款能够发售的游戏而言还有很长的距离
0 hours
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I really enjoy the game, I love the play style and how it progressively gets more challenging. I am a big fan of the graphics and the overall design of the game and think it works really well. I can also appreciate that i am able to play it on laptop as w
0 hours
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