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36 average hours
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187 reviews
Players: Single-player. Multi-player. Co-op. Online Co-op. Steam Achievements. Steam Cloud.
Tags: Action. Indie. Early Access.
System: Windows.
6 days
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This game gets monotonous pretty fast when you play alone. Buy it with friends and you'll be happy af
5.5 days
0 recent
fun game, good alternative to killing floor 2
3.8 days
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Zedfest est un excellent Killing Floor à la 3ème personne, un jeu très simpliste graphiquement mais qui possède une sensation de shoot plutôt agréable ! Le jeu est très fluide et ça J’ACHÈTE. Un système de classes et de compétences (passive)
2.8 days
0 recent
If you are looking for a game thats is completly chaos, well, this is your game, this game is great and I'm sure you gonna stay so many hours playing this chaotic experience, I recomended so much
1.8 days
0 recent
Based game, with lots of fun, and there are mods too
1.6 days
0 recent
KF2 copy and paste but still worth the money. Tons of fun, plays well, don't have to grind for a ton of time to get what you want. Super enjoyable.
1.3 days
1 recent
[quote][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33401179/]Follow my curator page for more recommendations![/url][/quote] I would highly recommend Zedfest for fans of Killing Floor, zombie horde-style games, or just people who enjoy co-op shooters in ge
24 hours
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Its pretty fun! If you like Kf2 and games like kf you are gonna love it.
21 hours
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killing floor at home:
15 hours
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13 hours
1 recent
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11 hours
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A great basis for a horde shooter similar to killing floor along with an extensive arsenal and fun gore system this game has potential to be a fantastic game
6 hours
0 recent
Nice game! At first glance it feels a bit like killing floor, but Zedfest has a more fun, light-hearted vibe. I like that you also have an 'objective' game mode, where you have to do more than just shoot the enemies. Sometimes I think I would have liked i
5 hours
0 recent
Absolutely fantastic game. perfect to just shut your mind of. Great fun, full of over the top violence and lot's of content currently. Pretty much killing floor in third person. The player count is unfortunately quite low, but single player is incredibly
5 hours
0 recent
This game is really janky, there's some annoying bugs such as being unable to shoot your weapon for a few seconds, the UI won't even update your controls after you've changed them and overall it doesn't feel like a 1.0 product at all. It still feels like
2 hours
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thanks pathfinder
1 hours
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1 hours
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I mean its alright
1 hours
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Came from killing floor, very good game!
2.9 days
bro boom shoot shoot lol