Zombie Killer - Type to Shoot!

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Players: Single-player.
Tags: Action.
System: Windows.
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Why isnt this on MacOS, and linux yet? I love this game, its simple but engaging. Im a programmer that spends most of their time on the computer, and i love challenging myself to a fun WPM challenge. this fun shoot-em-up zombie game is the perfect outlet
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Pros:Caps and spaces required. Pro: misstypes must be deleated insted of just beeing ignored. Pro: hard and high intensity Pro:numbers Con:BAD Con:you will be swarmed by zombies clipping into eachother, with textboxes overlapping. There is no other senar
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bro this game is good with like the 3 dumb zombies i can shoot be fore the game crash so ya it good for the money but not at the some time pro good game for the money con game crash after like 4 zombies or when you get to the 1st door con zombies to f
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Going for a CS degree wanted up my typing speed but the difficulty curve on this game is whack goes from 0-120 in 5 seconds and the screen gets overpopulated really fast. It has good mechanics and a satisfying punch to the zombie kills I just wish that it